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This is the quick guide for Shield of Arrav.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Reldo, the Varrock palace librarian.
Official difficultyNovice Novice
LengthMedium (15 - 20 mins)
  • A trustworthy partner (who joins the opposite gang)
  • Ability to kill a level 1 or 21 enemy
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • 20 coins to join the Phoenix gang. Nothing to join the Black Arm gang.
Enemies to defeat

Note: It is important before starting this quest to decide which gang to join. The reasons being that a member of the opposite gang is needed to complete this quest, the gang chosen during this quest will be used in Heroes' Quest as well, and skiller pures can have someone who is also from the Black Arm Gang kill the weapon master for them.

Getting startedEdit

  • Talk to Reldo who is located in the Varrock Palace library and ask him for a quest.
  • Search the bookcase with the navy blue book, then read it or skim through it.

The GangsEdit

The Phoenix GangEdit

Players should only do this part if they want to join the Phoenix Gang.

The Black Arm GangEdit

Players should only do this part if they want to join the Black Arm Gang.

Finishing upEdit

  • Talk to King Roald who is located in Varrock Palace.
  • Go to the Varrock Museum and use the half of the shield on Curator Haig Halen.
  • Your partner must do the same.
  • Trade one of the certificate halves with your partner who will do the same. (You can only claim the reward for one certificate, and combining them makes them untradeable)
  • Combine both halves to obtain a full certificate.
  • Talk to King Roald.
  • Quest complete!

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