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Shooting Star is a Mining Distractions and Diversion. Stars can be mined for experience in addition to a daily reward.

A fast guide for solo star hunters can be found here.


Shooting Stars fall from the sky every two hours or so. They generally fall across all members worlds within fifteen minutes of each other. If players reach the core of the star before the next star falls on that world, a Star sprite appears and gives rewards.

The required mining level to mine a star is ten times its size - you can see the size by examining the star. For example, you need a mining level of 80 to mine a size 8 star. However, the star will reduce in size as it is mined, so the mining requirement reduces as it is mined.

File:Star mining.gif

Seconds before the star lands, a shadow is cast which players can examine to read: The shadow of a shooting star. There is also a sound while the shadow is visible and when the star lands. If the shooting star lands on top of the player, you will walk out of the star, then begin mining.

Note: Finding stars does not need to be up to you, as there are many clans that dedicate their very existence to finding stars


  • Any pickaxe or an inferno adze.
  • The required Mining level is 10 times the star's current size, as explained above.
    • This requirement does not apply to the first-miner bonus, however (see the section Mining).
    • A minimum mining level of 10 is required to mine the lowest size of star.

Getting startedEdit

File:Shooting Star.png


  • Use a telescope in a study room in a player-owned house to find the approximate area and time of the next landing. It is possible to use telescopes in another player's house.
    • Note: If the telescope is blocked by another room in the house or it is underground, it will not work.
  • If a star is not in the sky, your player will say one of the following:
    • "Hmm... are the stars really small, or are they just very far away?"
    • "One of these stars has... little stars moving around it. Interesting..."
    • "Oh no! A giant space spider is eating the moon!", followed by "Oh, it was just a spider crawling across the lens."
    • "It's overcast; I can't see anything."
    • "My goodness... it's full of stars!"
  • Better telescopes provide a more accurate time:
  • If a player does not have access to a telescope, an alternative method is to navigate to the Minigame tab under the Adventures interface, where players can scroll through the drop-down menu to the Shooting star option and accurately determine when the star is due to land. However this will not reveal any information regarding the location of the landing site.
  • The location given for each star will be one of the following:
    • Asgarnia
    • Crandor or Karamja
    • Fremennik lands or Lunar Isle
    • Kandarin
    • Kharidian Desert
    • Misthalin
    • Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless
    • Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or Tirannwn
    • Wilderness
  • Shooting stars land roughly once every two hours.
  • Stars may land in a different location in each world.

Combating Player KillersEdit

Shooting Stars in Low Threat areas are relatively safe, but Shooting Stars that land in Medium or High Threat areas in comparison can be rather dangerous. Most aggressive player killers at this activity will attack players who are lower leveled than themselves and/or do not seem to have a weapon. As a result of this, it is smart to bring a weapon of some kind that you will not lose on death (a two handed weapon or staff will work best) and some food/potions to protect the rewards you receive from this activity. Only one inventory space is required for this activity as stardust is a stackable item.

Star crash sitesEdit

Use of a telescope will reveal the area in which the star will fall. In each area, there are a number of predetermined locations in which the star may actually land. There will generally be a mine or bank within the given area.

The only way to locate the actual crash site is to search each possible crash site in the given area until the star is found.


Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Crafting Guild mining site Inside the Crafting Guild by the gold rocks. (40 Crafting required to enter) Click for in-game view.
Falador east bank/Mining Guild East of Falador's eastern bank and the Mining Guild. Click for in-game view.
Rimmington mining site In the centre of the big mine north of Rimmington. Click for in-game view.
Falador mining site In the mine east of the dark wizard tower, north of Makeover mage, west from Falador. Click for in-game view.

Crandor or KaramjaEdit

Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Karamja north-western mining site (Horseshoe mine) North west of Brimhaven, near the northern gold mines north of the summoning obelisk. Often called the "Horseshoe mine" by shooting star hunters, due to its shape. Click for in-game view.
Brimhaven mining site At the gold rocks south of the entrance to Brimhaven Dungeon. Click for in-game view.
South Crandor mining site The south-western mining area on Crandor. Click for in-game view.
Karamja mining site (Nature mine) In the mine west of the Nature altar. Near the direct centre of the Karamja landmass. Often called 'Nats' or 'Nature mine' by shooting star hunters. Click for in-game view.
Shilo Village mining site Next to the gem rocks in Shilo Village north-west corner. Click for in-game view.

Fremennik lands or Lunar IsleEdit

Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Keldagrim entrance mining site (Keldagrim mine) In the mine located south of cave entrance to Keldagrim.
  • Fairy ring to D•K•S
  • Enchanted lyre teleport
  • House teleport if house in Rellekka
  • Slayer ring to Slayer dungeon, then head north
  • Arctic Bear teleport (Requires 71 Summoning)
  • Fremennik lodestone home teleport
Click for in-game view.
Jatizso mine (outside above the mine proper) To the right of the mine's entrance on north-west Jatizso. Go through west gate to reach. Click for in-game view.
Lunar Isle mine Aboveground at the ladder to the Rune essence mines on Lunar Isle. Watch out for the aggressive suqah, which can deal heavy damage. Click for in-game view.
Managing Miscellania mining site A few squares south of coal mine on Miscellania. Click for in-game view.
Central Fremennik Isles mining site (Neitiznot Runite Mine) From Neitiznot, go across the first bridge to where the Ice troll runts are and it will still be green grass not white snow, then as far east as possible. Take some food against the aggressive trolls. Click for in-game view.
Rellekka mining site The mining site in the fenced off area inside the town of Rellekka.
  • Enchanted lyre teleport
  • House teleport if house in Rellekka
  • Fairy ring to A•J•R or D•K•S
  • Fremennik lodestone home teleport
Click for in-game view.


Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Legends' Guild mining site (Ardougne eastern mine) At the mine south-west of the Legends' Guild. Click for in-game view.
South-east Ardougne mining site (Monastery mine) At the iron rocks north of the monastery, south of East Ardougne. Click for in-game view.
Coal Trucks In the middle of the coal rocks that supply the Coal trucks. Crossing the balance log requires 20 Agility. Click for in-game view.
Yanille Bank (Magic Guild) In Yanille, between bank and Magic Guild. Click for in-game view.

Fight Arena mining site

The mining spot north-east of Yanille, south-west of Port Khazard. Click for in-game view.

Kharidian DesertEdit

Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Al Kharid bank Next to cart, north west edge of Palace. Click for in-game view.
Al Kharid mining site (Scorpions mine) In the mine north of Al Kharid and west of the Duel Arena. Often called 'Scorpion mine' by shooting star hunters. Click for in-game view.
Duel Arena bank chest At the Duel Arena west of the hospital area and south of the entrance to the Mage Training Arena. Click for in-game view.
Uzer mining site (Desert clay mine) At the eastern clay mine north of Uzer. North-east of the Desert hunting area. Click for in-game view.
Nardah mining site (Desert gold mine) (Vulture mine) At the mine just west of the place on the world map labelled "Vultures". Click for in-game view.
Nardah bank Just south-east of the bank in Nardah. Click for in-game view.
Western desert mining site (Granite and sandstone quarry) In the centre of the granite and sandstone quarry Click for in-game view.


Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
South-east Varrock mining site South of the mine south-east of Varrock, outside the fence. Often called 'South east Varrock mine' by shooting star hunters. Click for in-game view.
Lumbridge Swamp training mining site In Lumbridge swamp, just north of the eastern mining area. Click for in-game view.
South-west Varrock mining site (Champions' Guild mine) Southern end of the mine south-west side of Varrock, west of the Champions' Guild. Click for in-game view.
Varrock east bank (Rune shop) South-east of Varrock's eastern bank, between the bank and Aubury's Rune Shop. Often called 'Rune shop' by Star hunters. Click for in-game view.

Morytania or Mos Le'HarmlessEdit

Nearby Bank/Mine Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Burgh de Rott Bank About 10 squares north-east of the bank. Click for in-game view.
Canifis Bank Right next to Canifis bank. North-west side of the bank. Click for in-game view.
Mos Le'Harmless bank North-east of the Mos Le'Harmless docks. Click for in-game view.

Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or TirannwnEdit

Name: Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
Gnome Stronghold Bank In the Gnome Stronghold, near the stairs to the bank in the middle of the stronghold. South-west of the spirit tree. Click for in-game view.
Lletya bank Inside the lodge of Lletya, a bit south of the entrance. Click for in-game view.
Piscatoris mining site A few squares south of the mining site just south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Click for in-game view.


Name Location Fastest way to get there World Map location In-game view
North Edgeville mining site (Steel Mine(Zamorak mage) (Abyss mine) Level 9 wilderness, north of the Zamorak wizard that teleports one to the abyss. Click for in-game view.
Southern wilderness mining site Level 12 wild, north-west of Edgeville Click for in-game view.
Wilderness Volcano At the Wilderness Volcano, just north of the south-east entrance, outside of the volcano's crater. Click for in-game view.
Bandit camp mining site (Hobgoblin mine) Level 35 wilderness in the Hobgoblin mine. North of Dark Warriors' Fortress and Bandit camp. Click for in-game view.
Lava Maze runite mining site (Wilderness rune mine) Level 61 wilderness, at the rune rocks north-east of the caged greater demons, north-west of the Lava Maze. Click for in-game view.
Pirates' Hideout mining site Level 70 wilderness, south of the Pirates mine, west of the Mage arena. Click for in-game view.
Mage Arena bank Level 74 wilderness, north of the Mage arena entrance Click for in-game view.


Shooting stars come in sizes from 1 to 9. Players can find out how large the star is by examining it or prospecting it. Additionally, prospecting it will reveal the progress to the next level. (See Star sizes below for a list of level requirements and experience for each star size.)

The first person to attempt to mine the star (even if they do not have the required mining level) will be rewarded with Mining experience in the amount of 75 times your mining level. This is called a tag. You do not need a pickaxe to get the tag, though you cannot mine the star further without a pickaxe. This player's name will also be added to the Shooting Star Noticeboard in the house north of the Observatory.

Each layer of the star is mined from 0% to 100%, at which point the outermost layer sloughs off and the star's size is reduced by one. The amount left to mine of the current layer can be determined by prospecting while mining. More people mining the star will get through these layers faster.

Players will receive stardust as they mine the star, receiving experience every time a piece of stardust is mined. Players can only own a maximum of 200 stardust at a time.
Stardust can be banked, but the 200 maximum counts stardust in your bank as well. If 200 stardust has been reached, experience will still be received for mining in exactly the same manner as with lower amounts stardust.

Once the final layer (when the star is size one) is fully mined, a star sprite will be released, and players will not be able to mine any more. The star sprite in the remains of its star can be spoken to in order to exchange stardust for a reward (See Rewards, below). Star sprites will reward only once per day; a day is the 24 hour period beginning at 00:00 (UTC). The star sprite will stay for ten minutes before eventually disappearing.

If the star is not fully mined and the sprite not released by time the next star falls, the rock vanishes without an opportunity to exchange star dust. However, stardust need not be exchanged at the star at which it was received, meaning that if a player mines some dust but didn't manage to break open the star, they could still exchange it with the star sprite in the next star.


  • Mining boosts can be used to reach a required level for mining a particular layer. For example, a Dwarven Stout will briefly raise mining one level, allowing someone with level 89 to boost to level 90 in order to mine a size 9 star. Invisible mining boosts cannot be used to do this, although will allow slightly improved experience rates.
  • The Star fall cycle will reset during a system update and stars on the ground before the update will vanish.
  • It is possible that the telescopes of two POH will show different timers. (For example, one might say its 10–12 minutes away while the other says 9–11 minutes). In this case the landing time is narrowed down to the time when the timers overlap (In this case in 10–11 minutes)
  • At very infrequent intervals the star will fall in a different kingdom than the one named. This may happen on one world, or across many. Most instances of this glitch it has affected only a single fall, although it has lasted up to half a day.
  • Only one star can be crashed per given world at a time. If a single player takes too long to mine a crashed star from when it landed to the next star, it will automatically despawn due to the new fallen star.
  • The following terms are very common amongst star hunters:
    • Scoper: When working in a team, the person remaining at the telescope to tell everyone when the star crashed.
    • Spotter: When working in a team, the people who stand at possible star landing sites and wait until the star lands at one of their spots. Once they have found the star they advise the Scoper and the other spotters.
    • Tag: To first reach the star and receive the exp for it (see rewards).
    • Teletubby/Tubby: nickname for the star sprite.
    • "To tub a star": To finish mining the last layer, releasing the star sprite.

Star sizesEdit

The following table lists the star sizes, with the Mining level required to mine it. The Mining experience is gained per stardust.

The amount of stardust per star size is indicated in the table below. There is a precise amount of stardust in each size of the star. Once this amount has been received between the players mining it, the size will reduce (assuming potential dust is removed when players with 200 dust receive experience). Therefore, the time it takes to lower a star size depends upon the number of miners mining it and their respective mining levels; the more miners, the faster the star gets to the star sprite level.

Higher star sizes will give less total stardust than at lower sizes, so for the same number of miners, a high star size reduces to the next size faster than for a low star size.

Star size Mining level XP/stardust XP/stardust with Bonus experience Number of stardust/star size Total XP per size Cumulative XP[1]
9 90 210 420 15 3150 80271
8 80 145 290 25 3625 77121
7 70 114 228 40 4560 73496
6 60 71 142 80 5680 68936
5 50 47 94 175 8225 63256
4 40 32 64 250 8000 55031
3 30 29 58 439 12731 47031
2 20 25 50 700 17500 34300
1 10 14 28 1200 16800 16800
  1. Cumulative XP is the measure of the total XP available from the star of that level until fully mined


Audio options icon
Claiming the rewards


File:Star sprite.png
  • The first person who attempts to mine the star will receive experience equal to 75 times their Mining level.
  • Stardust can be exchanged with a star sprite in a fully mined star for a reward determined by how much dust the player had with them, up to (for 200 stardust):
    • 152 cosmic runes (33,592)
    • 52 astral runes (13,312)
    • 20 gold ores (noted) (2,480)
    • 50,002 coins
      • The GE values for these items currently add up to: 99,386.
    • The ability to receive additional ore when mining for up to 15 minutes of in-game time (The timer on the bonus pauses when logged out). The chance of getting an additional ore is 25% and even works on runite, as well as special ores such as red sandstone and bane ore. This bonus does allow the player to exceed the daily limit for mining red sandstone. The effect does not work at Seren stones.
  • There is a chance that you mine gems (sapphire-diamond) from various layers of the star. Wearing a charged amulet of glory increases this chance. Wearing a ring of wealth occasionally doubles the gem yield. This has nothing to do with the stardust limit, meaning that you will keep getting gems regardless of being maxed out of stardusts.
File:Recent Shooting Star Noticeboard.png


In the Observatory professor's house is a noticeboard which lists the last five stars to be discovered on that world, how long ago they were, and who discovered them.


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  • While looking through the telescope in your player-owned house, if a star is not in the sky, your player may say "Woah, It's full of stars!" This is a reference to the 1968 movie '2001: A Space Odyssey' and it's 1984 sequel '2010,' based on the novels by Arthur C. Clarke.
  • While looking through the telescope in your player-owned house, if a star is not in the sky, your player may also say "Oh no! A giant space spider is eating the moon!", followed by "Oh, it was just a spider crawling across the lens." This is likely a reference to 'The Shooting Star,' the 1948 Tintin adventure, in which a similar incident occurs.
  • As an alternative to the extremely limited stock of summoning shops, shooting stars used to reward Spirit Shards along with the current rewards. This additional reward made mining shooting stars very profitable for newer players, as at the time turning in a max of 200 stardust daily yielded 20,000 spirit shards (100 spirit shards per stardust) and these could be sold to shops for 25 coins each. This huge profit of 500,000 coins daily was first nerfed through making spirit shards not able to be sold to shops. A patch was soon added to disable selling spirit shards to NPCs, and shortly after this an update released on October 15th removed the spirit shard reward from Shooting Stars completely, and returning summoning shops to individualised stock.
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