See Hiscores for the relative total rankings of the different skills.
Skill Players at 99
Attack-icon 179,605
21x21px 203,118
Mining-icon 85,586
Strength-icon 212,799
Agility-icon 62,271
Smithing-icon 78,767
Defence-icon 182,410
Herblore-icon 111,798
Fishing-icon 108,437
Ranged-icon 171,553
Thieving-icon 74,406
Cooking-icon 188,681
Prayer-icon 116,993
Crafting-icon 75,788
Firemaking-icon 165,355
Magic-icon 208,369
Fletching-icon 148,595
Woodcutting-icon 162,026
Runecrafting-icon 70,682
Slayer-icon 93,367
Farming-icon 64,146
Construction-icon 63,931
Hunter-icon 63,140
21x21px 99,992
21x21px 94,091
21x21px 49,465
21x21px 20,237
As of 29 October 2015[nb 1]

Skill mastery is achieved by reaching level 99 in any skill. Level 99 is achieved by reaching 13,034,431 experience points in a skill. Level 99 is the maximum level in most skills. Dungeoneering is the only skill with a maximum level of 120, achieved at 104,273,167 experience points (the true skill mastery). The current maximum total level is 2,595 (level 99 in all skills and level 120 in Dungeoneering). When level 99 is reached in any skill, there is a different fireworks animation that can be heard by everyone nearby.

Pay-to-play players reaching level 99 in a skill are entitled to wear a Cape of Accomplishment for that particular skill. This cape is bought from a specific skill master for 99,000 coins. Every Cape of Accomplishment gives access to a unique emote. Furthermore, it can be used to boost the corresponding skill's level to 100 for a short time. If the player reaches level 99 in more than one skill, the player's skill cape becomes trimmed and any more skill capes the player obtains will also become trimmed along with the newly received cape.

Before the Skill interface update, players with a level 99 skill could view the experience needed to earn level 100.

In RuneScape Classic, the maximum total level was 1,782. With the addition of Runecrafting (1,881), Slayer (1,980), Farming (2,079), Construction (2,178), Hunter (2,277), Summoning (2,376), Dungeoneering (2,496) and the newest skill, Divination, the maximum total level is now 2,595.

Rarity of level 99sEdit

Strength is currently the most common 99 skill in the game, followed by Magic, Constitution, and Cooking. The rarest are Divination, ConstructionAgility, and Hunter. Most people consider Cooking and Fletching to be the easiest 99s to achieve. It should be noted however, that although they are considered the easiest by many people, they are not necessarily the fastest. For example, it is possible to earn several hundred thousand Construction experience points per hour, but only by using extremely expensive methods. Opinions on skills vary greatly, so it comes down to the individual to decide for themselves which they prefer and dislike.


File:Skill Mastery.gif
See main article: Server Wide Announcements

When a player achieves level 99 in a skill, a message will appear in orange text to the other players on the same server. However, one may only see another player's achievements if they have the 'Broadcast Messages' button toggled to on, located next to the trade and assist button. Broadcasts may be disabled by untoggling the 'Broadcast Messages' button.

Achieving 120 Dungeoneering, reaching 99 in every skill, or earning the right to wear the Completionist cape or its trimmed version will be announced on all of RuneScape's servers in red text. A similar message, again in red text, was displayed when the first player reached 99 in Divination (on 29 August 2013) reading: "Congratulations to Im Choice for being the first to reach 99 Divination!"

When a player achieves a 99 and their private chat is set at least on 'friends', it will be announced in green text to all logged-in players on their friends list regardless of whether they are on the server.

Level 99 partiesEdit

Audio options icon
Level 99 Jingle
Sound acquired at any level 99 skill.


A level 99 party may be held by a player to celebrate his/her achievement in getting a level 99 in a skill. This party can happen anywhere; many players have them at their POH, and some choose to be near the skill master so they can get their cape quicker.

Players tend to invite friends to follow them as they level up from 98 to 99. After levelling, they usually head to the master of that skillcape. The player will then buy the cape (value of 99,000) of the 99 skill and equip it.

Players may take videos or get a friend to take a video of their journey to 99 and of them getting their cape. These videos are some of the most common RuneScape videos shown on sites such as YouTube. These videos are made to congratulate, or in memory of another user, or the owners themselves and to commemorate their efforts in receiving 99 in the particular skill they have achieved.

First players to achieve level 99Edit

When level 99 skills first started appearing, players with such stats were often well known around the RuneScape community since they were one of the few to have achieved a skill mastery.

Below is a chronological list of the known first players to reach level 99 and level 120 in their respective skill.

File:Everdred 99.jpg
File:2002 - zonghui - 99melee.jpg
File:2003-03-23 - ltangel - 99 crafting.jpg
Achievement Date achieved Player
99 File:Woodcutting icon highscores.png Woodcutting 28 August 2001 Everdred
99 File:Magic icon highscores.png Magic 21 October 2001 Bluerose13x
99 File:Smithing icon highscores.png Smithing 13 December 2001 Bluerose13x
99 File:Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking 8 January 2002 Tks
99 File:Firemaking icon highscores.png Firemaking 5 April 2002 Cowchicken[notes 1]
99 File:Fishing icon highscores.png Fishing 16 May 2002 Tks
99 File:Attack icon highscores.png Attack 16 May 2002 Zonghui[notes 2]
99 File:Strength icon highscores.png Strength 7 June 2002 Ladykilljoy[notes 2]
99 File:Hitpoints icon highscores.png Constitution 7 June 2002 Zonghui
99 File:Defence icon highscores.png Defence 7 June 2002 Zonghui[notes 2]
99 File:Thieving icon highscores.png Thieving 3 August 2002 Swedemike
99 File:Mining icon highscores.png Mining 11 October 2002 Joe Bill64
99 File:Ranged icon highscores.png Ranged 17 November 2002 Snake Slava
99 File:Agility icon highscores.png Agility 23 March 2003 Thehate
99 File:Crafting icon highscores.png Crafting 30 March 2003 Ltangel
99 File:Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching 9 April 2003 Chilipeppers
99 File:Herblore icon highscores.png Herblore 9 June 2003 Halw Gnun
99 File:Prayer icon highscores.png Prayer 17 May 2004 Lilyuffie88
99 File:Runecrafting icon highscores.png Runecrafting 15 September 2004 Kale Stille
99 File:Slayer icon highscores.png Slayer 9 July 2005 Zezima
99 File:Farming icon highscores.png Farming 27 September 2005 0xpx0
99 File:Construction icon highscores.png Construction 6 June 2006 Cursed You
99 File:Hunter icon highscores.png Hunter 2 December 2006 Darkforest67
99 File:Summoning icon highscores.png Summoning 8 February 2008 Nercychlidae
99 File:Dungeoneering icon highscores.png Dungeoneering 7 May 2010 Skiller 703
120 File:Dungeoneering icon highscores.png Dungeoneering 22 August 2010 Telmomarques
99 Divination-icon Divination 29 August 2013 Im Choice
  1. Cowchicken and Dragoon 787 reached level 99 Firemaking on the same day, but it is commonly accepted that Cowchicken reached it earlier.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Attack, Strength and Defence did not appear on the hiscores until 2004, making it very difficult to track who achieved 99 in these skills.

Ironmen and Hardcore IronmenEdit

See main article: List of Ironman firsts#First players to achieve level 99

First players to reach maximum skill totalsEdit

Achievement (Members) Date achieved Player
1980 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 9 July 2005 Zezima
2079 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 4 October 2005 Zezima
2178 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 11 June 2006 N0valyfe
2277 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 8 December 2006 Thehate
2376 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 12 February 2008 Kingduffy
2475 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 7 May 2010 Skiller 703
2496 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 22 August 2010 Telmomarques
2595 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 29 August 2013 Im Choice
Achievement (Free-to-play) Date achieved Player
1494 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 28 January 2008 Syzygy
1593 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 11 June 2010 S Diamant Y
1614 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 9 October 2010 El Popo1
Achievement (Ironman) Date achieved Player
2574 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 13 March 2015 Dreyri
2595 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 6 May 2015 Sausage
Achievement (Hardcore Ironman) Date achieved Player
2574 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 13 March 2015 Dreyri
2595 File:Stats Overall icon highscores.png Overall 6 May 2015 Sausage


  1. These numbers only include players who are listed on the hiscores.

See alsoEdit


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