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This is the quick guide for The Void Stares Back.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Captain Korasi at the Falador Park
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Quest Quests:
None of the skills can be boosted.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Note: All the items can be obtained during the quest.


  • Highest healing food for your Constitution level.
  • Armour and a weapon (for killing the pests) (two different combat style weapons if not using melee, for fighting the torcher pest)
  • Prayer potions
Enemies to defeat

Getting startedEdit


Room 1Edit

  • Talk to Captain Gilroy.
  • Search a crate.
  • After talking with Gilroy, take the blocks out of the crate
  • Use two at a time on Gilroy. He will tell which one is lighter and which one is heavier. The correct order of blocks must be found out from lightest to heaviest.
  • When the order is found out, tell Gilroy "I think I've got it."
  • Give him the blocks in the correct order.
  • Balance the scale on the wall, arrange the weights to make 15 on each side. (5-2-4-4 and 2-2-5-6)
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 2Edit

  • Kill the enemies in the room and pick up the blocks that are dropped.
  • Talk to Gilroy.
  • Exit the room and head northwest to a forge.
  • Search the crate in the southwest corner of the forge room.
  • Head east to the jail and search the crate.
  • Search a crate in the kitchen which is the most northeastern room.
  • Return to the forge and repair it.
  • Fuel the forge with the logs.
  • Light the forge and put the broken block in it.
  • Go back to the room with Gilroy and place the blocks in the Western wall. Order does not matter.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 3Edit

  • Click on the control panel on the Western wall.
  • Search it for MAGICAL traps.
  • Open the panel.
  • Drag the tiles into the panels so that a horizontal line is going across all three panels, while filling the empty spaces. Press CONFIRM once completed.
  • Proceed to the next room.

A Little GameEdit

  • Talk to Korasi.
  • Talk to Commodore Tyr.
  • Enter the portal.
  • A game of modified conquest must be played and won.
    • Note:
      • Spinners are very powerful but do not heal like in Pest Control.
      • Ravagers have the movement range of Scouts and the damage rate of a Knight.
      • Shifters are less of a threat than other units and can be tanked if need be.
      • Torchers are similar to Mages.
      • Defilers are similar to Archers.
      • Splatters will explode and deal 100 LP of damage to any adjacent unit that is within 1 square.
  • Win the game and proceed to the next room.

The Pest QueenEdit

  • Sacrifice either Korasi or Jessika.
  • Make all necessary preparations to fight the Pest Queen.
    • Note: Korasi's sword will be the primary weapon during the fight and its Special attacks (Possibly changed due to Evolution of Combat.) will be used a lot.
  • Kill the Pest Queen.
    • Strategies can be found here.

Finishing upEdit

  • Talk to Korasi or Jessika.
  • Decide who to let deal with Wizard Grayzag.
  • Quest complete!

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