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This is the quick guide for Throne of Miscellania.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to King Vargas in the castle of Miscellania.
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Quest Quests:

One of:

Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat None

Starting outEdit

  • Talk to King Vargas
  • Talk to Advisor Ghrim about making peace

Being the messengerEdit

  • Run to the East island, first floor in the castle, talk to the Queen
  • Go back and talk to the King
  • Go back and talk to the Queen
  • Enter the room south of the King's room
  • Talk to the Prince
  • Talk to Advisor Ghrim
  • Take the good anthem to the Queen
  • Talk to the King.
  • Run to the north shore of Miscellania
  • Talk to Derrik who lives in the anvil house
  • Use the nib on your logs
  • Talk to the King
  • Talk to Advisor Ghrim about marriage

Getting marriedEdit

  • If you are male:
    • Go to the room north and talk to the Princess
    • Talk to her again, read carefully what she says. You must agree with her
    • Repeat this about 3 times until the chat options stop appearing
    • Use flowers on her
    • Dance in her room
    • Talk to her and agree with her again 3 times
    • Use the bow on her
    • Talk to her and agree with her again 3 times
    • Blow a kiss at her
    • Use the ring on her
    • Talk to the king
  • If you are female:
    • Go to the room south and talk to the Prince
    • Keep talking to the prince, trying to impress him
    • Listen to his poem, and tell him "Be still, my heart"
    • Use the clap or cheer emote
    • Keep flattering him
    • Use the flowers on him
    • Keep flattering
    • Listen to his saga
    • Continue to flatter the ego hungry prince
    • Use the cake on him
    • When he calls you 'Darling', blow a kiss at him
    • Keep flattering him until he accepts your ring
    • Talk to the king

Helping the populationEdit

  • Talk to Advisor Ghrim about support
  • You need to make the population like you, to do this perform any of the following tasks on the island:
    • Raking weeds
    • Chopping maple trees
    • Mining ore
    • Harpoon fishing
  • You can check your approval percentage by talking to the people you're helping

Finishing upEdit

  • Once you have 75% approval, talk to the King
  • Quest complete!

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