Trees are a part of the natural scenery of DarkScape. Trees can be found scattered about the world.

Function Edit

Trees serve many functions for players. Players may use trees trees for a number of skills. Players may use hatchets to chop trees to acquire experience in the Woodcutting skill, as well as obtaining logs. Logs may be used in a plethora of ways. Players may burn logs to gain fire making experience. Players looking to gain fletching experience may want to fletch the logs into bows and arrow shafts. Players with certain farming levels may also grow trees. Additionally, Logs may be made into planks for use in the construction skill.

Woodcutting, Firemaking, and FletchingEdit

Players can use a hatchet to cut trees using the Woodcutting skill to gain logs, and different trees yield different types of logs when cut. A single tree, except normal and achey trees, may theoretically provide an infinite amount of logs, but will usually provide between 1 and 20 sets of logs.

Players can then burn these logs with the Firemaking skill to make a fire, usually by using a tinderbox on them. Members can also use the Fletching skill to shape logs into items used for Ranged by using a knife on them.

Types of Trees Edit

There are numerous types of trees, some are variants of the same type. This is a list of all types of trees and their locations found.

Type Risk Area Types of Logs Level to Cut
Tree All Logs 1
Achey Tree Medium Achey Logs 1
Oak Tree All Oak Logs 15
Willow Tree All Willow Logs 30
Teak Tree Teak Logs 35
Maple Tree All Maple Logs 45
Hollow Tree High Bark 45
Mahogany Tree Medium, High Mahogany Logs 50
Arctic Pine Medium Arctic Pine Logs 56
Yew Tree High Yew Logs 60
Magic Tree High Magic Logs 70
Elder Tree High Elder Logs 90
Crystal Tree Medium, High N/A 94

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