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This page is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content. Please note that these updates have not occurred yet. As such, they are subject to change, and my be cancelled entirely.

Skills Edit

Dungeoneering: Raidable Dungeons Edit

This update will introduce Dungeoneering to DarkScape. Whilst training Dungeoneering, other players will be able to launch a raid on your dungeon. If the raiders succeed, they gain all the experience and tokens that would normally be awarded.

Mining and Smithing rework Edit

During RuneFest 2015 it was revealed that a rework of Mining and Smithing is planned for RuneScape 3 in September/October 2016. When questioned about a possible rework in DarkScape, it was mentioned they would likely port RuneScape 3's rework, rather than build a separate rework.

The rework will involve making the combat gear that is being created "more relevant to the levels that it is being worn at" as well as making the higher levels of the skills worthwhile. Those with 99 will have new things they will be able to do.

We talked a little about this, but the truth is that design has not even started! All we have are intentions: we want the rework to address the issue that players are not making their own gear, and are not making gear to sell. We also want max/high-level smithers and miners to have something to do and use. To address this, we will likely include more materials, more gear and – importantly - introduce a form of skill mastery, giving players a method of progressing in Mining and Smithing outside of skill levels. Imagine specialising in making two-handed swords, and being the person that other players come to for those weapons. An ideal, that may not be possible, is for a smith to be able to brand their weaponry, so others know that the weapon has come from them.

Combat Changes Edit

Two more combat updates Edit

  • Combat triangle is removed entirely, "Strength" skill becomes "Power" which becomes a global skill for all three classes - Melee, Ranged, and Magic.
  • Specific Set effects - may be released over multiple updates.

Longbows Edit

Longbows of the standard woods, normal through to elder. The bows themselves are in game, though unobtainable. Fletching them is planned.

Skulling System Edit

  • Enhanced Skull mechanics (nemesis system) - Different coloured skulls depending on the player's past skulling records.
  • Bounty system - Players being able to set a reward for killing a specific player.

Quests and Events Edit

Christmas 2016 Edit

Party hats to be dropped as a celebration of the game lasting a year.

More Quests Edit

Quests released since in RuneScape 3 since Hero's Welcome. These are currently a low priority, and would be released at least a few months after their RS3 release date.

Areas Edit

Prifddinas Edit

Prifddinas would not be included in the Dungeoneering update, as it is "EasyScape". Would have to be reworked to be released.

Quality of Life Edit

Ninja Updates Edit

Porting Ninja updates from RuneScape 3.

Bank Rework Edit

Streamlining bank to work as it does in RS3.

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