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This official news post is copied verbatim from the DarkScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex. This update was added on 15 October 2015.

This week's DarkScape update focuses on changes to one-item PKing and summoning shops.

These changes are experimental, and we need your help and your thoughts, in order to determine whether they're right for the game in the long term.

Take a look through the changes below, see how they feel in-game, and give us your thoughts over on Reddit forums. You'll also find the usual batch of tweaks and bug fixes below.

One Item ChangesEdit

These changes are intended to reduce the effectiveness of one-item PKing as a means of combat training, while impacting other gameplay as little as possible:

  • Dying while skulled with Protect Item enabled will trigger a five-minute cooldown on Protect Item.
  • Dying while not skulled with Protect Item enabled will trigger a one-minute cooldown on Protect Item.
  • Prayer point drain rate has been increased.

Shop ChangesEdit

These changes are intended to resolve resource issues with particular shops:

  • Summoning shops have been reverted to personal stock.
  • Spirit shards are no longer given as a reward for the Shooting Star.
  • Empty summoning pouches are no longer given as a reward from the Evil Tree D&D.
  • Spirit shards remain unsellable to shops or pet shop owners.
  • The Shantay Pass, Bedabin Camp and Sophanem shops containing waterskins have been reverted to personal stock.
  • Waterskins are no longer dropped by scorpions.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Grand Exchange updates and log-in notifications now inform you which risk region your trades were completed in.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the wall crevice agility shortcut in the Dwarven Mine.
  • Father Urhney no longer mentions the Lumbridge Crater.
  • The Rune Goldberg Machine's interface now displays only the runes you have access to.
  • The Raptor now correctly appears with the players at the Deep Wilderness Dungeon when they teleport using Remora's necklace at the end of Song from the Depths.
  • The Trade interface no longer behaves as if the money pouch exists when checking space. As such, it should no longer drop items unnecessarily when confirming trades.
  • Kael Forshaw - your ally in Legacy of Seergaze - no longer tries to PK you.
  • The gnome glider that flies to Crash Island no longer requires cloth and planks as materials.
  • The Seers' Village Task Alch-oholic can now be completed with the Alchemy spell.
  • The Death of Chivalry can now continue even if you're PKed during the Owen escort section.
  • The Task See You at Five can now be completed.
  • The Bank interface now correctly scrolls to the bottom.
  • Guards no longer turn when a player talks to them. Other forms of distraction are required!
  • Gudrik's house and the nearby docks are now Low Risk.
  • Doors near the Lumbridge Grand Exchange are now always open.
  • Player-owned house servants have undergone rigorous training, and will now be able to find items in your bank.
  • Exiting the Queen Black Dragon's Lair via the reward chamber will no longer place you in Rimmington.

Enjoy, and be sure to give us your feedback on today's changes.

The DarkScape Team

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