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Update News

This official news post is copied verbatim from the DarkScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex. This update was added on 18 September 2015.

A few days on from launch, and we're glad to see everyone's murdering and stealing with gleeful - and slightly unnerving - enthusiasm.

We've just released our first batch of updates and tweaks to DarkScape, based on your feedback and our observations of how you're playing:

  • The following areas are now Low Risk: Heist, the Empyrean Citadel, the Stronghold of Security and the Lumbridge Catacombs
  • Obsolete cautionary messages about entering the Wilderness have been removed.
  • Using the rocks in Doric's basement will no longer cause a crash.
  • It is no longer possible to use the Fremennik Dungeoneering boat to travel between risk zones.
  • Teleportation restraints no longer prevent completion of The Death of Chivalry or Missing Presumed Death.
  • Teleportation restraints no longer prevent leaving the Empyrean Citadel with high-level quest rewards.
  • Players are no longer prompted to add noose wands, bronze hatchets and bronze pickaxes to the tool belt.
  • Players knocked out and ejected from the H.A.M. base for stealing now spawn closer to the base.
  • Levers in Edgeville and Ardougne no longer allow items to be taken when used.
  • The Grand Exchange tutorial no longer needs to be completed.
  • A basic tool belt - allowing storage of tools up to bronze - has been added.
  • A Grand Exchange has been added to Lumbridge, in the courtyard near to Nastroth.
  • Entering the Abyss no longer applies Skulled status.
  • Skulled status now lasts 5 minutes, down from 20.
  • PvP XP is now only awarded to the victor, and there is a 30 second cooldown on gaining PvP XP.

The guards are also wising up to some of the methods players have been using to avoid punishment - watch this space!

Podcast Edit

Mod Matthe ambushed Mod Conor and Mod Pi, and wrung answers to your most pressing DarkScape questions from them in this podcast interview:

RuneScape Podcast 63 - DarkScape22:29

RuneScape Podcast 63 - DarkScape

There's been a great response to DarkScape, so please do keep enjoying the slaughter. Have a most excellent weekend of backstabbing and plundering, and keep giving us your thoughts on Reddit and on the forums.

The DarkScape Team

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