Release date 21 January 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Quest NPC Ernest the Chicken
Location Draynor Manor
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine She doesn't look too happy.
File:Veronica location.png

Veronica is Ernest's fiancée. She and Ernest apparently got lost, so Ernest went in Draynor Manor to get directions. An hour later, Ernest still had not come out of the manor, and Veronica began to get worried. A player can help her find Ernest by talking to her to start the Ernest the Chicken quest. She can be found outside the gates of Draynor Manor, north of Draynor Village.


  • After completing the quest, Veronica says that Ernest is off talking to some green warty guy, likely a goblin. It's possible this is Greldo, the goblin sent to get a cabbage from Draynor Manor's patch in the old Black Knights' Fortress quest.
  • After the PvP improvements on 9 December 2008, whenever Veronica would inhale, her neck would stretch and her head flew back. It is unknown if this bug started after the PvP improvements, or if it was visible on any world besides world 167 (This is the only world where this bug was seen). This bug has now been fixed.
  • Right-clicking Veronica will display the regular option-screen, but a small picture of a chicken will be displayed next to her name. It's not known when this was done. (this was done to multiple npcs to make it easier for new players to know what npc belongs to what quest)
  • The amulet Veronica is wearing resembles a blue version of the Armadyl pendant or the Pendant of Lucien.

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